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MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer - 3 kg

MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer - 3 kg
MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer - 3 kg
MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer - 3 kg
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MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer - 3 kg
MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer - 3 kg
MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer - 3 kg
MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer - 3 kg
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ManufacturerTwilight Litika Pharma Ltd., Village Dhana Bagbania, Post Office Manpura, Tehsil Baddi Distt Solan HP 174101 Country of Origin: India

Product Description:

MuscleBlaze High Protein Mass Gainer is one of the best mass gainers in the market, presently. It is widely recommended for athletes, professional bodybuilders and weight lifters with high protein and calorie needs. It delivers 59g carbs and 30g proteins in a perfect ratio of 2:1 in a single serve, preparing the body for intense workout sessions and allowing speedy and effective recovery of muscles. 

Benefits Of Muscle Blaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer:

MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer, 6.6 lb Chocolate is a high- rated and reviewed  mass gainer, making it popular in the Fitness World.   Reason being, its 2:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio, providing more protein for bigger and stronger muscles. It has a combination of 5 slow and fast-acting protein that increases the overall protein value of this ultimate MB mass gainer. Its components namely Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate help in a speedy and effective recovery of muscles post an intense workout session. On the other hand, the slow-acting proteins Calcium Caseinate and Micellar Casein prevent any kind of muscle breakdown, and work on repairing the muscles for longer. With 59gram carbs from simple and complex sources, this lean mass gainer provides a constant supply of energy for a rigorous workout session. 

Speedy Recovery Of Muscles 

Post a strenuous workout session; muscle tissues require essential nutrients that can help them for an effective and speedy recovery. This may result in  better workout performance when you step in next in the gym. Amino acids are also largely responsible for the overall recovery of muscles, and are present in the formulation for optimum growth.

Lean Mass Buildup

For a lean muscle built, it is important to keep the body fat percentage to be minimal. The lesser the body fat the easier it is to have a lean body frame. MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer is all that you need for your dream lean physique in a short time.


Maltodextrin, Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate), Cocoa Powder, Litesse (Polydextrose), Fat Powder and Stabilizer (INS 415).Contains Added Flavour (Nature Identical Chocolate Flavouring Substances).

Directions for use:

-Mix one full scoop (100grams) of MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer in 250-300ml skimmed milk or chilled water. Now give it a good blend for 25-30 seconds in a blender/shaker to get a thick and creamy shake. One can also add other calorie-contributing ingredients, such as fruits and ice-cream to make it a delectable and yummy shake. 


Consume it right in the morning for breakfast to remain active and energetic all day long.

In-Between Meals:

Consume it in between the meals and maintain a good nitrogen balance which is well needed for good muscle build-up.

At Bedtime:

Consume it 45-50 minutes before going to bed so that you give enough time for the muscles to recover throughout the night. 

No. of Serving30
Serving Size100 g
Protein per Serving30 g
GoalLean Muscle Mass,Muscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Carb per Serving59 g

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