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MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Gold Protein Isolate - 2 Kg

MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Gold Protein Isolate - 2 Kg
MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Gold Protein Isolate - 2 Kg
MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Gold Protein Isolate - 2 Kg
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MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Gold Protein Isolate - 2 Kg
MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Gold Protein Isolate - 2 Kg
MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Gold Protein Isolate - 2 Kg
MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Gold Protein Isolate - 2 Kg
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Product Description:

The fresh MuscleBlaze whey gold is driven by the pureness of the purest whey proteins isolate and has established a greater quality benchmark for other proteins.

MuscleBlaze whey gold is the most premium protein with 1.65 Gm carbs and 0.46 Gm fat in a serving, especially for those who are enthusiasts and want to recline for nothing but the best protein. In a 30 Gm of serving size, Whey Gold Protein contains 25 Gm of whey protein isolate. 

This contributes to accelerating muscle regeneration and post-training and delaying fatigue onset.

The gym lovers can work out for a longer duration of time consider both of these factors. Including 10.96 gm of essential amino acids to support lean muscle gain in a MuscleBlaze whey gold serving that maximizes muscle building effort.

Glutamic acid supports the muscles after the training and is the best supplement available for a protein powder with:

  • 5.5 Gm of BCAA
  • 1.83 Gm of Carb and,
  • 0.46 Gm of fat per serving.

Benefits of MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Protein Isolate: 

Best Quality Whey Protein Isolate: 

MuscleBlaze Whey Gold, 4.4 lb. Rich Milk Chocolate provides you with 25 Gm of pure whey protein isolate each serving. When done after training, isolates behave rapidly and provide the necessary nutrients for your tense muscles.

This allows your muscles to build up and recover from intense exercise more quickly. Whey proteins are the most effective protein supplement when they are low in carbs, fats, and other unwanted nutrients.

Rich with Vital Amino Acids: 

Recovery is a must in order to improve every training session. Your fitness can be influenced by fatigue and muscle soul. MuscleBlaze Whey Gold contains 4.38 grams of Glutamic Acid and 5.5 grams of BCAAs and is rich in amino acids.

These amino acids are required to recover your muscles because they build a big part of your muscle fiber. MuscleBlaze Whey Gold includes a perfect blend of essential nutrients such as valine, isoleucine, and leucine that improve rehabilitation and training. After intense practice, this amino is easily consumed by the body and fills up missed muscle nutrient supplies.

Make Lean Body:

MuscleBlaze Whey Gold protein contains no trans fat, harmful sweeteners, and unwanted ingredients. It only contains artificial sweeteners that are safe to use. With this, you can achieve the leaner and chiseled body and you don’t have to worry about putting unwanted calories.

Essential Enzymes:

MuscleBlaze includes specific enzymes for digestion. This enzyme is a mixture of five vital digestive enzymes-lactase, cellulose, lipase, and amylase. It enhances the digestibility and absorption of MuscleBlaze Whey Gold 4.4 lb Rich Milk Chocolate.

Directions for use: 

Take 1 serving of MuscleBlaze Whey and blend it in (180-200 ml) water and stir the eye-catching and dense protein for 15 to 20 seconds.

Based on the strength of your practice, you can have up to 2 shoops a day.

Best time to take MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Protein for incredible results:

            - Post Workout

            - Morning

            - In-Between Meals

            - Before Bedtime


        - Not Recommended For Children.

        - No sugar added in this product.

        - 100% Pure & Authentic

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No. of Serving66
Serving Size30 g
Protein per Serving25 g
GoalMuscle Building

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