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Return Policy

Trust on with our policy on quick returns.
We aim to ensure that the items you order and your experience with is completely satisfied.

  • You can easily return your product within 3 days if you have received the wrong product.

  • If you have any questions about the authenticity, do not break the seal of the item.

  • If you find the product damaged / poorly packed during the receiving of your product. Kindly return it to the delivery boy.

  • We do not consider the return/replacement for the product once the brand seal has been broken.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to properly check the package for damage at the time of receiving.

  • You can make a video as supporting evidence when opening the Packaging.

  • Delivery charges would be bared by you.
  • We'll reverse the amount if you paid by the card. In the event of the cash on delivery or bank deposits as payment methods, we’ll issue a cheque/RTGS transfer in the customer's registered name.

  • Taste and Mixability depend on the brand you purchased. If you have doubts about Taste and Mixability, you must have to approach Brands. There is no refund/replacement is possible for it.

  • When it comes to ingredients of BCAA’s and Pre-workout are hygroscopic, they’ll tend to form lumps. However, the supplement is completely safe to consume.

  • 1. What to do if you received damaged items, wrong product or missing units in order?

  • If the item is found to have been defective or incorrect as indicated on our site description or if the item is missing in compliance with the amount ordered, please email us at a snapshot of the outer packaging, or call us on 7011424144 within 48 hours of receipt of the product.

  • 2. Refund modes after cancellation?

  • You need to indicate your refund option for verifying the cancelation of products in your order.

  • There are two modes of refund:

  • FitUs Cash - If you choose this option, the amount will be added to your FitUs cash Wallet.

  • Back to Source - In this case, the money will be refunded back to the payment mode/account that was originally used to make the transaction.

  • Once you have requested the cancellation of item(s) in your order, will complete the cancellation and initiate the refund, depending on your preference.

  • 3. Any specific category for a return policy?

  • Diet/Nutrition:

  • In original packaging and sealed state, goods should be received. Boxes opened or used are not allowed as returns. In matters such as rashes, stomach discomfort, headache, taste differences between one brand to other, etc.

  • Products for a return would not apply. Before buying the product, please consult your doctor.

  • Whatever the damage/defect which is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the box, manufacturer’s packaging if any, and all other items originally included with the products delivered.

If The Above Points Are Not Followed, We Cannot Consider Any
Returns / Replacements.